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    Being an ex auto mechanic, I know the value of spare parts for any type pf machine, including firearms. And, inasmuch as I possess two Mini-14s, I decided to seek out a source of spare parts for my guns. I started at Midway. Later I will check the Ruger web site. But, here are some that I think would be worth having:

    Glend firing pins $29.99
    Buffer Technologies buffer $13.99
    Wolff hammer spring $6.99

    All parts following are made by Ruger:

    Extractor plunger $2.99
    Trigger spring $1.99
    Bolt lock plunger spring $1.99
    Secondary sear spring $1.99
    Ejector spring $1.99
    Hammer spring $1.99
    Hammer strut assembly $2.99
    Magazine latch spring $1.99
    Safety detent spring $1.99
    Bolt lock buffer spring $1.99

    These are items that I saw at Midway. There may be a few other parts that we might need. I am a firm believer in replacement springs because I have seen many broken ones. Anyhow, I like this list for a starter.
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