Back in the 70's was when some people started talking about survivalism. There weren't near as many military type rifles available in those days. When Ruger introduced their Mini-14, it became the favorite rifle of a lot of survivalists, including me.
Although I longed for one for years, I didn't purchase my first one until 1998. It is the old style with the "Pencil" barrel. I have shot it and it shot OK. It is accurate enough for my needs.
In 2010 I purchased the latest style of this rifle, with the tapered barrel. It is supposedly more accurate that the "Pencil" barreled older model.
After lots of study, I have decided that the AR is probably the best choice for a rifle of this caliber (.223 or 5.56MM). But, since I already have what I have, I am going to have to make do with them. I'll use the older one to back up the newer one.
So, now I want to discuss a new product that I recently found.This is a DVD, produced by On-Target Productions that demonstrates how to disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble the Mini-14. I mean, the guy totally takes everything apart! I was a mechanic for 30 years and I would never have dreamed of doing what these folks do. But, I am glad that I found this DVD and I am going to take my older rifle, and, following this DVD, I am going to to totally disassemble and clean it. I hope that I will be able to re-assemble it. I want to practice on the older one so that , if I am unable to get it back together, I'll still have my newer one. On the other hand, if I succeed in doing what the video shows, I will have mastered the cleaning and repair of this fine rifle.
I am aware that you can see this on You-Tube. But, I think that if you have, or plan to obtain a Mini-14, I want to recommend this video to you. To me it is indispensable. Dario