I well remember the 90s when King Willy the Slick Klinton was pushing his Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). We fought it but we lost. But, it was only enacted for a 10 year period. Finally, thank God, it ran its course and died.
But, at the time, two companies sucked up to Klinton. I think that they were hoping for government contracts and then they wouldn't need us civilians. One was Smith and Wesson. The government did not buy their products and most gun owners boycotted them. They lost millions of dollars before they figured out which side their bread was buttered on. The other was Ruger. I think the Bill Ruger figured that he could become the Government's official armorer. He probably thought that he wouldn't need the public to buy his products, either. But, he, too, deceived himself. The Government did not want anything he had to offer!
What Bill Ruger did was almost inexcusable. As soon as Klinton started passing gas against high capacity magazines, even before the AWB was enacted, Ruger stopped selling them. He even stated that "nobody needs hi cap magazines." He was hoping King Willy would hear him, I guess. So, those of us who owned his Mini-14s were left to try and find magazines from other sources. I think that action probably did a lot of damage to Ruger. And, it was well deserved!
So now, we have another despot in the White House. And, he, like Klinton, wants to rob us of our lawful possessions. My question is: "If it begins to appear that the White House Moslem has the votes to steal our property, will Ruger try to lead the way again, as they did during the 90s?"
Or, will they remember that WE are, and always have been, their best friends. I don't think that the government cares for Ruger or any other American gun manufacturer, for that matter.
I hope that no gun maker ever turns away from us again.