I have reached the age where my eyes are getting kinda tired. Therefore I need a little help to see. I have been thinking about rifle scopes. There is no doubt that anybody can benefit from using a scope when they shoot.
Some of the most popular rifles that people plan to use if SHTF are chambered for either 5.56MM (.223) or 7.62X39. These calibers are intermediate range. You could probably do OK with these at 200 to 300 yards without scopes. They don’t have a lot of long-range power. They do come with iron sights that are adequate for their range. However, a low power scope such as 4 or 6 power would probably make them more accurate. But, I don’t believe that big, cumbersome scopes that go up as high as 24 power or more are needed for these calibers. I have seen scopes on Mini-14‘s that looked absolutely huge-which negates the handling ability for that light weight rifle!
Some of the best scopes in my experience are Leupold, Nikon and Burris, to name a few. Leupold has a lifetime “No Fault” warranty. That means that if anything happens to it-your fault, my fault, the dog’s fault, everybody’s fault or nobody’s fault, they will repair or replace it! That would be hard to beat!
Nikon has a 25 year no-fault warranty. At my age, that’s as good as lifetime.
The fact is that there are a lot of good quality scopes with prices from-say- $50 on up to $1,000 or more. And, I am sure that a person would be well served with one of them.
But, it cannot be denied that scopes are the most fragile accessory for firearms. You all know Murphy, and if something bad can happen, it just might! So, I have been thinking (my wife says that that is a dangerous pastime for me!). Would a survivalist be better off to buy 3 $60 scopes or one $200 scope? During TEOTWAWKI you will probably not be able to get warranty service. Therefore if your expensive scope goes “flabooty,” you’re probably going to be S O L! You will have to toss it as being utterly useless.
So, I am starting to think that several lower price scopes might be preferable for SHTF. If ones breaks, replace it with another. I believe that is going to be my approach.
Opinions, anyone?