Flash suppressor on a Mini-14?
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Thread: Flash suppressor on a Mini-14?

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    Default Flash suppressor on a Mini-14?

    I notice that Ruger offers a "Tactical" Mini-15. The main thing that I notice is that it is equipped with a muzzle break/flash suppressor. Is this realy a necessity on any gun that fires the .223/5.56? I don't notice any really bad recoil. But, I do notice the ear-splitting muzzle blast. Of course, now that my hearing is bad, I always use ear muffs and/or plugs when I shoot. I recommend that to every shooter-every time!
    And, I think the flash would only be a problem in the darkness. And, I don't know how much of that I will do. So, I think I will use my Mini-no flash suppressor-just as it came from the factory.
    Any differing opinions?

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    Is it a muzzle brake of flash suppressor?
    I have a 185 series GB model that came from the factory with a flash suppressor so I am familiar with them, but I've never seen a Ruger muzzle brake.
    Chances are that my flash suppressor is never going to be needed and a muzzle brake on a S/A 5.56 is not exactly required equipment in my book. So I wouldn't be too concerned with not having either of them.

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    way back yonder there were some slip over and pin on FH for the mini. i had a couple on one or two of the minis i had.

    they wern't worth squat cause they would slip around on there, the damn pins kept backing out and other problems.

    i can't recall what the GBs had though i think they had 1/2-28 threaded similar to a m-16.

    the idea behind the flash hider on the mini ain't to hide flash or be a break. it is to hang enough weight at the muzzle to reduce barrel whip at the muzzle end and dampen some of the out of control barrel harmonics the mini is known for.--

    a really heavy flash hider might improve accuracy provided it is securely attached. and installing a flash hider is much less of a problem than changing a barrel on the mini.

    during ww2 most US rifles and carbines came without breaks or flash hiders.

    i figure this was because of the war time production speed had to be increased for d-day.

    if they had had a little more time to machine the parts they probably would have come with FH/breaks installed.

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    It's a flash hider
    Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle Autoloading Rifle Models

    For the question about a brake being useful on a 223, it mainly depends on barrel length, and the only real advantage is to keep the muzzle climb to a minimum, as mentioned recoil is nothing with this round.
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