AKM/AK-74 5.45, 5.56, and 7.62x39 bolt questions
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Thread: AKM/AK-74 5.45, 5.56, and 7.62x39 bolt questions

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    Default AKM/AK-74 5.45, 5.56, and 7.62x39 bolt questions

    Trying to build an AK based pistol and need to figure out which bolt/bolt carrier would work better for my purpose. So I have a few questions about the differences between them.

    1.) On AK-74's that use a 5.45 bolt with a smaller diameter stem (the part that slides in to the hole in the bolt carrier) than those on 7.62 AKM bolts what is the diameter of the smaller stem? Also, what is the diameter of the hole for the firing pin on the 5.45 bolts?

    2.) Are there any 5.56 bolts that are made for use with 22mm trunnions and 5.45 bolt carriers or are they all meant for use with 23mm trunnions and 7.62x39 bolt carriers?

    3.) Are the bolt carriers for Saigas interchangeable with regular AK's or did Saiga make some changes to the bolt carrier to cause them to be incompatible with regular AK's? I know there are some differences with some of the Saiga bolts but I don't know if the bolt carrier itself is interchangeable with AK's from other countries.

    Any help that you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    the small bolt stem is about .344"

    a large stem is about .429"

    all 5.45 x 39 guns / AK 74 use small stemm bolts an have a .395 face

    all large stem 7.62x39 /ak 47 have a .440 aprox bolt face.

    223 bolts can be in either small or large stem an be spring loaded or not .

    bulgy 223 large stem spring loaded . Rmy 223 small stem not spring loaded .

    it don't matter if the trunion is 22 or 23 mm the bolt an correct csarrier will work with it .

    you need to choose a bolt by th e round yur wishing to build , a 9mm, 7,62x25 will use a ak 74/ 5.45 x39 bolt an carrier trunion.

    in todays world a trunion is getting over a $100 an a bolt an carrier is another $150.

    If EOD sells there blow back bolt carrier set ups still it might be worth just getting one of those . a blow back does not needa regular trunion with lugs. for $120 a trunion is now selling of rIt would be worth buying a block of stell in 1/14" an drilling a barrel bore in it an makint it from scratch if you have nay skills.

    If prices keep going the way they are id thnk a a plow back ak kit from scratch would be very doable to sell.

    if our doing a gas gun in a rifle calibure you need a bolt for that calibure . a 5.45 bilt can be made to work on a 223 case its a little big but they work.

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    Try using an unmodified AK74 bolt, it may work fine. If it does not extract the .223 rounds, you can modify the AK74 bolt to work with .223 cartridge by removing the extractor from the bolt and filing down some of the metal on the inside behind the extractor claw. This will let it sit deeper into the bolt face and get a better grip on the .223 case.

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