I test fired it .. had it laying into the" V" of two 55gal.drums filled lay down and sand baged down & put 4 round though it fired as it should . I has a distint sound. I inspected it again and all good so I shoulder fired a couple and hit target @ ~ 100yds.
I was at a GS about a month ago and a new vendor I had'nt seen b4 had scout mounts for enfields ,mausers and similar rifles . It was a inovative design ., no drilling or modifing of gun needed and you could still use Iron sites . I contacted him a few days later and bought one . Funny thing was He lives within 2 miles of me and we have alot of common freinds... So now I need to find a suitable scope ?.... & I have'nt seen a Turk mauser with this type of magazine and bolt b4. I' m sure they made a bunch um but I don't see many out there?