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Thread: So the addiction has started

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    Default So the addiction has started

    Three weekends ago I bought a 1942 all mathcing numbers Mosin from my local cabellas, she was a bit beat up finish wise so i stripped her down and threw on a coat of ebony stain and have been Tung oiling her for a few weeks now.
    I went to my first gun show friday night and ended up coming home with a 1944 M44, (not to mention a spam can of 440 rounds for it) all matching numbers and pretty much the same condition except this one has tons of proof marks all over the stock. I'm not going to sand on this one jsut strip the shellac off it and tung oil it. Can't wait to go shoot it. my mosin is a hell of a shooter (after I floated the barrel) I was surprised for a 70 year old rifle. I've already floated the barrel on my M44 since i got such good results with my mosin so it'll be range time this evening hopefully...
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    coming home with a 1944 M44,
    Izzy or Tula? If it's a Tula don't do anything to it other then cleaning it, that's a rare one.
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    I know you guys are going to fuck with me about this,,, but,,,, something that works,, not to bad,, is to cut a peice of milk jug, sometimes two and put it under the action,,, preferibly full length,, Definatly tourque properly and you will be ammased at the difference,,,, Ya Ya I know,,, Mc Giever,,, believe it or not it works on most,, pretty damn good and dosent alter anything,, remember when we used to pay 29 bucks for a ex condtion Mauser,,, Nagants in matching# Nagants might go the same route in 20 years, just saying.

    It breaks my heart now,, how many pristine Vensi. Mausers in 7x57 I've cut up and sporterized,,, what would one of those original be worth now with matching # bayo & new kit???? WOW!!! Shit last one I saw of them with all matching in about slightly <VG condition,, was WAY up there. If I ever get my pic upload thinggy running I'll put up a pic of one I did up in 75, "Big Game style" Man do's that thing shoot!! WOWWWWW!!!! I still have the pristine matching stock and bayo too,, that's the one I wouldn't give to ya 1Biggun when I sent ya the Nagant stocks. Now ya know why.

    I've got an all matching 24/47 BRAND NEW NEVER ISSUED, In factory sealed paper wrap and cosmo, well was sealed,,right down to the bayo and 100% new and complete accessory pack,, paid ,,,, wait,,,,,,,149 at the door,,,, ya got to love that man!!!!! And that was only 6-8 years ago. Wished I'd bought ten in the original crate now!! More than likley would have been consecutive # too! Even better!!!

    I've got 4 nagant pristine ones different variences, all matching, detached bayo's matching too, set away as part of a retirement fund, may double may not,, 2years ago 44's were 99 for a laminated one matching except stock, and its now 200+ all ready more than double,,,, maybe future 500 guns for 100% matching,,??, if not I'll use them to beat off the ZOMBIE INVASION later anyways !!!!!

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