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Thread: Bolt-action rifles.

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    Built a .308 on an M98 action made by the Imperial German Amberg Arsenal in 1906.

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    Decent acions are getting harder to find nowdays, back when I was comming up through it wasn't a big deal but now,,,, pretty tough to find good ones, or any for that matter. I got a Dr. apointment this afternoon but will put up some pics of the bolt guns I've built up later. The prettyist being the Mauser I just got from bellson last fall, damn good shooter too. Worst part is now there's hardley any place to shoot more than 100m any more for pratice around here.

    I may have a Springfeild reciever, 03 I think, and a new barrel all in "the white" and a stock blank I might be putting up for sale soon, I can't decide if I'm going to use it or not, probibly not sense I don't have access to machineing any more to finish it up.

    Would anyone here be interested in something like that? I'd just as soon sell it here as anywhere else at this point.

    If there's an intrest I'll gather up everything and get some pics up later and figure out what to ask for it. Not sure what other trinket parts I may have for it but I'll check around to see what I have , if there's any intrest.

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