I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT MY SPANISH small ring mauser an a early german 98 that are not drilled for scope mounts an have been thinking how a guy could get a scope on one in traditional place with out it looking funny or having to remove lots of stock material

Im going to have to rebarrel an will be making my own barrel. I got to thinking what if a plate was sandwiched in-between the barrel an the receiver like a recoil lug is but it was a made to go up an over the receiver were a cantilever rail could be mounted ?????? or even make the mount one piece???

I have had a cantilever type set up on several AKs an there are lots of shot guns running them with no problems why not over a bolt action receiver???????????????

yes it would likely be more work than drilling an tapping but if your already doing he barrel its just a matter of cutting the shank longer .

I considered extending the sandwich plate or mount down ward to double as a recoil lug . this would also work with a barrel nut set up.

in fact if a guy wanted to do a sporter a barrel mount an nut an head space gauge would allow him to install the barrel an scope mount in minutes with no machining . Id expect some stock work but your likely going to have that any way. with out a nut there would be no stock work
a rail that had lh side support would be pretty dam stiff .

any way just thinking out loud here seems like you would have about 3" of unsupported rail past the front ring , You would need about that much to get a standard scope m0unted an be able to get the rear ring on. if you used a scope with a longer eye relief even less rail would be unsupported but you would have the rings spaced close together, I have a weaver 3x an the adjustment knobs are fairly forward an would allow even a shorter rail.

scope height is a concern but if done right a thick stiff rail an very low rings would allow a large objective scope to still it about right , a 50mm optic needs to have its one inch tube about 3/4" off the front receiver ring . a 43 needs about 5/8" off the ring that's a far amount of space for a pretty heavy stiff rail. especially if you used rings that attach directly to the rail area if a steel ring was used an welded on directly the rail/base are cold be pretty thick. id think the scope would be trashed before the base/rail would bend or deflect in a drop. those were aproximent numbers for a large ring btw. there would be more room likely for a small ring

any way just as though if you were rebarreling a reciver on a custom build it might work. I have mice Peruvian mauser 98 in 30-06 that unfortunaly has had the reciver drilled I wish some one had done some thing different
of all the mausers I have I wish this one was still all stock its a great shooter .