Remington 700 .308 in AI AX Chassis - First Look HD Video
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Thread: Remington 700 .308 in AI AX Chassis - First Look HD Video

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    Default Remington 700 .308 in AI AX Chassis - First Look HD Video

    Here is a video with a closer look at my Remington 700 .308 Precision Rifle. A customized action, with a heavy barrel, M-24 profile, in an AI AX chassic, with customized bolt and trigger, in combination with a Bushnell ERS Elite Tactical make for a great long range rifle.

    Remington 700 S/A .308
    26" 1.11.25 Mike Rock M24 Contour
    Gun built and action work done by Roger Burch
    Timney trigger
    AIAX stock
    Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50mm FDE w/Badger 34mm steel rings
    Harris Bipod

    Member of the National Rifle Association (Life/Endowment); Gun Owners of America (Life); Garand Collectors Association; National Shooting Sports Foundation. CCW License Holder in MO. FFL 03 License Holder.

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    Now that's what I'm talking about, other than all the the rail junk on it, that's my kinda gun!!!

    I'd seen one of those Bushnell Elite scopes advertised and had wondered how they were. How about a review on those, don't have to be a video, just your impressions and observations. You know, how does it do on the box drill, edge clarity at higher magnifications, change in POI after changing power, ect ect

    I have a beautiful Kongsburg 270 that is an incredible shooter and I need a scope worthy of the gun. It's hard to tell by pics but is it bulky. I don't want the bulk for that gun, but I want a real nice scope for that one,she's a beauty!!!.

    I have a Millitt I really like for a reasonably priced scope, but it's HUGE, but it's nice on the fancy engraved Mauser platform target rifle I have it on though,,a very pretty combo indeed and a great shooter besides. There a very nice scope for the $$

    Actually, it's one I got from Bellson. Still haven't had the opportunity to give it a real long range work out yet. Long distance ranges are pretty sparse around here. And they are quite a way's away for me to go for a casual shooting session. It wouldn't be so bad if my fall/injuries hadn't limited how much I can shoot now. On a good day with a 06-308 recoiling gun I might be able to shoot 3-4 box's ,,,Tops. Hard to justify a 90 mile drive to one or 120 to the other, one way, to shoot that little a bit.

    Different story if I could make a day of it now though. Oh Baby!!! I'd break out all the toys then,,and a friend or two. I'd give the old 3/4 ton a real work out. Few years back before I got hurt my son and I went to the range and got there at 7;30 when the guys came to open the range gate and they finally kicked us out just before dark. They would have kicked use out 2 hours earlier,,,but we got them shooting with us and getting a chance to shoot the stuff we brought that they had never had the chance to shoot before, and some they'd never seen. We brought >50 guns and well >25K of ammo that day,,Win Win for every body. And just a fantastic, fun day with my son.

    I love those Match King projectiles too, they work Great in every caliber ,weight, or gun I've ever tried them in. Very accurate indeed and they will bring out the best in every gun I've used them in. The 142's are incredible in my 6.5X55 Swedish and 7mm Mauser's!! Love-Um !!

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