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Thread: Novice PR Shooter: Best Group of the Day

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    Default Novice PR Shooter: Best Group of the Day

    I'm new to precision rifle shooting and have only shot my new rifle twice before. It was a beautiful day here in St. Louis yesterday, I mean, ridiculously so. Low humidy, around 50 degrees, low wind, perfect conditions. I've been curious to know how my rifle would handle Prvi Partizan Ammunition 308 Winchester 145 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo. I've only used Federal Match with 175 grain Sierra King bullets before (It is what the scope is zeroed for). After a few rounds getting the rifle, and shooter, warmed up. I really did my best to get a good ten shot group. I had to hold a bit high with the stop, just a tiny bit actually at 100 yards, but I was really pleased with my best group of the day. Shooting from the bench, from bipod and rear bag. Here are the results.

    Information on Rifle
    Remington 700 S/A .308
    26" 1.11.25 Mike Rock M24 Contour
    Gun built and action work done by Roger Burch
    Timney trigger
    AIAX stock
    Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50mm FDE w/Badger 34mm steel rings
    Harris Bipod

    Video on Rifle

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    Nice grouping

    what pull do you have the timney set at?

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    Buy far the match Kings are the best bullet I've found for accuracy and my go to for accuracy. I get great results with any weight or caliber with them.

    Wait just a cotton picking minute,,,,I think we'd discussed this very thing not to long ago,,didn't we?? Think so, I was talking about the 6.5X55 and how well they worked in that caliber,,ect,, ect,,,

    Nice groups , don't ya just love it when a plan comes together!!

    I'm still still getting the 308 engraved Mauser action, target stock,SS bull barrel,, broke in that Bellson built up for me and I'm quite impressed already with <100 rounds. It is really tightening up good already. Damn all these new custom barrels are HARD nowadays!!!! They take forever to break in, the last 3 have been just like that.

    Sad part we don't have a convenient long range,, ranges available near me anymore so I haven't had a chance to give it a good work out and see what she'll really do yet. Or even finish breaking it in for that matter,,,

    The only place convenient is just not accessible in the winter,there's about 4 ' drifts all across it in several places for 4-5 months out of the year, other places, if you didn't know where the road was,,you'd never even know where it is!

    But it is sure a good place in the summer,,open out to about 1500 yards,,dropping off to a wet land area/river basin and a hill behind,,, a very nice spot. I always have to check first though,, it's farmland and ya never know if someones out there fixing fences or something. I sure don't want to screw that spot up!!! I So much so I even put in a 10" culvert and a load of gravel to fix the entrance to the field. After all,, with the way I'm bunged up now, I can't be hauling stuff all over Hell now. I need a place I can just back up to and set up my bench up and shoot. So I'm going to treat this land owner,,very well! Plus he's just a good shit besides.

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