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Thread: any one have experience with a shepherd scope?

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    I'm interested too, I paid less than their price for most of my rifles! But if it does what they say I may be willing to suppress my "cheap skate" gene and buy one.

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    Good Glass is good glass. Plain and simple.

    I have a hard time justifying anything more expensive than a Millett TRS. But in all honesty, a Vortex, or a US OPTICS, or a NightForce is worth every penny when you are trying to hit at multiple distances in a short amount of time. I will let JRS speak to this, since I do not partake in self-humiliation willingly. But, the last "Contest" at our favorite range consisted of 14 targets, at various distances, and they were all over the place: #1 was at 100 yards, #2 was at 400, #3 was at 700, then it went back and forth from 100 to 1000 yards. Listening to the clicks on the scopes was deafening! Some of these folks we turning 250+clicks between targets. Try that with a "cheap" scope. I do not think my Millett would hold up for more than a few of those Contests. Just sayin....

    Oh, and just because.....My Niece came in 3rd....She is JRS daughter....I taught her everything she knows, and JRS has spent years trying to get her to forget it....Damn Jarheads!!!

    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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