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Thread: US Yugo Grips - My Review

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    Default US Yugo Grips - My Review

    My unofficial review... I LIKE!

    The Pookster gives it 2 thumbs up

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    Hey I really appreciate the great review. I have been stressed out about making these worried what people would think but overall I have heard nothing but compliments. Thanks for making my day.

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    I got mine in yesterday.
    I would have to give a MIXED review.
    I will not be using them and will be posting them for sale shortly.

    The grips are made using a multi-peice mold.
    On several of them the rear portion of the mold was shifted when the cast was made.
    This is a common problem when casting using a 2 peice mold. On some of them there is flashing on the seam lines. This should of been taken care of when the part was removed from the mold.
    The batch I got may of been a fluke, but IMHO not worth the money I paid for them.
    I do understand the entire mold proccess and the cost associated with producing a grip.

    I produced a plastic krink lower. It cost $80 in supplies just to R&D the project.
    I was able to produce a couple usable lowers, but I would not really go into production.
    The mold basically was worn out after 12 lowers.
    The material used to make the mold cost alot of money compared to the material used to cast the part. Most of the time the cost is 3 to 1 if not more.


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