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Thread: DPH Arms - I Can't Whine Anymore

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    Default DPH Arms - I Can't Whine Anymore

    Well, Scott did it, he really did this time.

    I was the one who always got the beater. If everyone else was getting excellent kits, I'd be the one who got the dog! If someone was handing out free kits, I'd be the one who would be told "Sorry were all out".

    It got to be like a monkey on my back. I hated reading about how nice the kits were that this person or that had bought, knowing full well that if I ordered the same thing it would be the one with moss growing on it. And yes, I would whine about it all the time.

    Scott, of DPH Arms has changed all that. What a man!!! He is the man!!! I had ordered 2 Romanian kits at the low price of $89 each. I remembered him stating something like out of the 150 kits he got, maybe 6-7 wouldn't be as nice as the rest.

    Well, you know what I was thinking...If anyone would get one of those 6-7 not as nice kits it would be me. I even mentioned it in the "Comments" block on DPH Arms' online order form. Yes, I was whining, but I wanted to let Scott know that I fully expected to get the "dogs".

    I received the 2 kits today and to say "I was pleasently surprised" would be an understatement. I couldn't believe my eyes! One of the kits is absolutely beautiful and the other is just one step under that (I had to make a difference between the two). Both kits were matching numbers and the headspace checked very good, also both were packaged nicely.

    What does this mean to me? Well, for one thing, I can't whine anymore!!

    Thanks Scott!

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    YES,,,,,,,THANK'S SCOTT j/k TK
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    TK, I'm glad to hear ya got a couple of nice ones.
    Sounds like you deserved them.

    I've always been pleased with all my transactions with Scott as well.

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    Good deal!!! I'm glad for ya TK!!!
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    Scott, If you're ever near Philadelphia, Ill buy you a beer, hell...I'll buy you a bar! thanks for sending TK two nice kits..... now the bitchen and moaning SHOULD stop...

    Toten was like a kid on Christmas morning... even called me at work today.... so excited that the kits looked THAT good....

    But then again, I Did the same thing when my underfolder kit arrived.

    TK, when you gonna build one?

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    Thumbs up

    In case anyone missed his point, I believe what Toten Kopf is trying to say is,....


    If someone isn't happy with one of Scott's kits, they just ain't capable of being happy!

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