Saint Albans Gun and Archery is at 450 Walnut St., St. Albans, WV. You can ride the KRT from Charleston to get there, the bus goes right past the Walnut Street-you get off the bus, and turn right; you walk a short distance to get to this store from the bus at the stop.

These guys are great-20% lay away, the balance due in three months; they even take personal checks through the mail as installment payments.

The automatic I purchased, a 9mm Bersa UltraCompact stainless top/blue bottom; the book value is $450.00; they lowered it's price to(including all taxes)$359.00 .

Helpful, informative, friendly; border line superior prices.
Tell them Mark Holcomb from Clay County sent you, and they will cater to you, royally.

SA Gun&Archery is open Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.