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    Angry Ammunition Store troubles

    I recently had a bad experience with Ammunition store. I ordered a PK heavy fluted barrel as depicted and described on their website. I was told it would ship the next day and I would be emailed a tracking #. 2 days later no tracking #, so I called and was told they were a day behind in shipping, and I would receive a tracking # the next day. 5 more days elapse and no tracking # or barrel, so another call and another apology, somehow my order has been overlooked and they will send it right out along with the elusive "tracking #". Also, no manager is available to speak to, call back later. 2 more days go by, I call again and ask to speak to a supervisor, owner, or somebody that gives a crap about customer service. Evidently nobody that cares available (what a surprise!), call back in 2 hours. Last call, I get ahold of a Mr. Tom Lee, after a very short conversation without any kind of apology or explanation why it is taking so long to ship, he gives me back to a receptionist for a tracking #. The barrel was shipped 8 days after the phone order was made and my CC was charged. Finally received barrel, it is a lightweight barrel for a PKM, not the heavy fluted barrel that I ordered and is shown and described on their webpage. Frankly, I feel that this level of service should be broadcast to as many folks that are willing to listen as possible, not sure what the malfunction with the ammunition store staff is, but based on recent experiences, I doubt that I will purchase anything from them again. I can hardly wait to see what I'm going to go through to get the correct barrel, or my money back. You have been warned....

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    I'm not sure what's up with them. I emailed them for a total on an order I wanted to mail in. Didn't get a reply until almost a full month later, long after I had already opted to buy elsewhere. Their email mentioned about an ongoing problem with their email system and transactions. Also noted they are no longer doing online orders, at least until further notice.
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    Somethings are hard to understand. This morning I was getting ready to demill my next project a yugo m70 underfolder I got from them for 79$. It would be my first coldsteel bent so I grabbed that 1 to do, so if it came out bad I would not lose to much money. But after removing the thickest cosmo I have ever seen it is by far the best yugo kit I have.

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    I ordered 1,260 rounds of sa .308 and 2k rounds of wolf .308 from them about 4 weeks ago. the sa came right away but the wolf was listed as on back order. I called a few days later and asked when the wolf was expected in they said a couple of days. it is noew 4 weeks and no ammo. they charged my cc and also charged me $90.00 for shipping. I plan on calling them monday and cancelling the order and getting at least 2/3 of the shipping charges back. it is the last time I buy from them.

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