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    Thumbs down Rhineland Arms - Thumbs down

    After reading Reid Coffield's article on Rhineland's Mauser pistol caliber conversion kit, my Dad ordered one from their Shotgun News ad in early February. He sent a personal check, which they cashed. He never received any sort of confirmation of his order, or any other confirmation. When nothing arrived by the end of the month, he gave them a call. Got the "parts coming in from the supplier" routine.

    Gave them another week or so, and called again. This time it was, "We'll be shipping it out next week." So he waited some more.

    In mid-march, with still no order, I got involved. They still had military stepped barrels "on order" but said they had sporter contour barrels in stock. Dad changed his order and they said they'd ship "today or tomorrow." We waited another week and nothing arrived.

    Called last week, and this time the story was, "Gee, we must have lost your order - oh, here it is - we're going to ship that out today." Well, it's been over a week and nothing is showing up.

    Turns out that they don't even build the kits themselves - all the parts are outsourced.

    Yesterday I contacted Shotgun News, the Better Business Bureau, and the U.S. Postal Service Mail Fraud division. We'll see if that lights a fire under them. If that doesn't work, the Texas Attorney General's / Consumer Protection office is next.

    In the meantime, I highly recommend you stay clear of Rhineland Arms - they might have made a nice product once, but their customer service sucks.

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    lesson number 1, always use a CC.

    I have a friend who bought a FAL coversion for a .45 cal pistol cartridge, from them, that cost him a bunch of bucks, I just had to ask why? the thing is useless out past 30 feet.
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