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Thread: Got riped off by this company on GunsAmerica...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lthobbes View Post
    I bought a Remmington 1100 on armslist- this was the lying stealing seller
    LJ Yock
    512 ALICE St.
    Waycross georgia

    he sent the shotgun with an extra spring (good)
    Shotgun had a barrel that did not pass gunsmith or my inspection (bad)
    He did not include the sling he specifically listed with the shotgun (bad)
    he refused to pay for the $35 for reem the barrel (bad)
    he promised to send the sling after notifying him of his failure to send it, he claimed he would send it, but he never did send it (bad)

    SOO- He did not give me the sling I paid for, and he wrote me and told me he would-
    So basically he is a liar and a thief

    The shotgun was recieved with an extra spring, however I noticed the front of the barrel was chewed up and the sling he specifically listed to be included with the sale was not there. Upon seeing the chewed up front of the barrel the gunsmith used a measurement tool and found there was a burr in the barrel. This guy was completely unreasonable and tried to tell me that only if I shot the shotgun first, then had the gunmithing done and proved there was a 5% difference would he pay for the gunsmithing. What planet does this guy live on?
    Then he told me he was goign to send the sling he did not send. He never did. Keeping property I paid for is theft plain and simple. Don't deal with this liar and thief.
    Oh yeah, he also theatened me if I slandered his name- Learn the first amendment LJ YOCK- YOU HAVE PROVEN THAT YOU ARE A LIAR AND A THIEF!
    I am happy to send all corespondence proving my case to anyone who needs the evidence not to deal with this guy.
    You sound like a real jerkwad & I hope to God you never buy anything from me. maybe Ljyock should post your info all over the net to warn sellers to beware of you. f'in deuschbag
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    look I just had a bad experience happen to me

    I the seller sold a reising stock and 12 rd mag and trigger guard to a guy in georgia, he sent the P.O. Money order, I sent it out UPS, you guessed it ,it got lost UPS freaken lost the box. A irreplaceable stock was lost I bet some scumbag employee thought it was a gun and stole it. well thank god I sent along the tracking number to the buyer. after a few days saying it never left the state i sent it from, we both got pissed, the buyer new I sent the box, yet he was out the goods. I filed a claim it took about three weeks and I got reimbursed and I duly reimbursed the buyer, we spoke daily on the phone and there was no anomosity
    but it could have gotten ugly, he could have been a jerk and outed me on the internet. but was a pure gentleman

    lesson learned, I would rather have the stock then the money and so would the buyer

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    yeah the sad part is the Fuck who stole it.. probably shit canned it when he found out it was just a stock.. thieves should be shot.. Survives should be shot again.. B2B

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