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    Default Samco........

    Well after 3 weeks, I inquired about the ammo purchase I made, They then ask me if I sent the the required forms? So, the ammo I purchased is no longer in stock. I think that their web site is vague as to the PDF required to fill out. Most of the information they required is available when I gave them my CC info. Had I seen the page when the order was filled out, there would have been no problem. But my order would have been in limbo had I not requested info on it. I am sure they are hammered, but they should take a bit of the profiteering they are making and improve the quality of which they serve the internet customers.
    Kind of disappointed with the efficiency at which they operated. I will be purchasing in the future else where.

    I wish others better luck.

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    Samco is verrry slow in getting stuff shipped to you and doesn't let you know when they ship. I have bought ammo from them twice. It came well packaged and the product was in good condition, but I doubt I will bother a third time.

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    I visited their facility a few years ago to buy a Yugo mauser. They were friendly to deal with but nobody on the property were in any hurry to get anything done. I think it took over an hour to buy just one rifle.

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    Smile OK

    About a week ago I ordered an
    ria basic plus two mags.
    Was told a week to ship. Arrived as stated, at price stated, in good condition. Neither good nor bad, just what I was told whenI ordered.

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