I was consulting with a friend who was having troubles with a Build of an FAL. He was having trouble headspacing a barrel he had. He purchased a barrel from Jerry at Benchmark, turns out Jerry is a FAL nut, Jerry said to call if there was any trouble.
As it turns out the Barrel chamber face was making contact before clocking in. After discussing the options with me my friend called Jerry about the problem. Now mind you this was a personal deal, and I was thinking that perhaps he would look at it and suggest the reciever be returned as out of spec.
Jerry took the barrel and carefully made the adjustments to get the barrel to fit correctly.
In the meantime Ron was finishing up a custom gun for a customer. IIRC it was a 30" integral ported .300 Ultra mag.
After all the cutting and fussing was done. I was left with the feeling that if I was needing a barrel I know where I'm going.
It was really nice to be able to meet these great guys. They are based in Arlington, Washington.