So a while back I ordered a bunch of stripped lowers including 2 pistol lowers. I just got them in today, none of which was marked "pistol". So trying to figure it out I called, busy. Called again and again, busy. Finally got through, was greeted by a receptionist " please hold" 30 minutes later I got through--- This ain't the first time guys, I'm not surprised. So I told her my dilemma about the bunch of receivers and needing to know which 2 are pistols or if they messed up. She states they haven't sold pistol lowers in over a year unless it was with a complete gun. BULLSHIT. They took my order in January knowing I wanted a pistol lower, no problems then. Oh with this order we got double charged. I like Rock rivers parts, but there alot of better companies to deal with than these guys, with good customer service. Especially since every things on backorder until eternity.