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    Just wanted to say thanks to Josh at Blue Ridge Parts in N. Carolina for his follow through in getting my DP-28 parts kit to me in spite of UPS's screw-up in returning it to N. Carolina from Arizona !!! Josh re-sent it via USPS (spendy at his expense) to me after contacting to find out what had happened. Also thanks for the nice consolation gift sent separately Josh !!!

    The DP-28 parts kit is N.I.B. condition (less barrel as usual these days thanks to a certain SOB former US attorney gen'l). OK, I'll get off my soap box.

    The needed barrel came from Omega Weapons Systems in Tuscon, AZ. It is a used barrel but then these things are getting a bit scarce today. Thanks for the supesonic service Don.

    I'm a very happy customer with both companies.


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    Got a link?
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    Got one for Omega
    Omega Weapons Systems

    I've delt with him a few time, he's a good guy, but most of his stuff is surplus so don't expect like new.
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