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Thread: Another +1 for Copes

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    Thank-you for the barrel. It arrived today via FedEx. Again, cudos and thanks for your excellent customer service and the products that you and all the nice folks at Cope's sell.

    On a side note we pretty much got lucky that this barrel made it safely. Both end caps of the tube were covered by two pieces of thin shipping tape. On one end the tape was broken completely around the end of the tube/cap. The only thing that was holding the one cap in the tube was just the pressure of the cap on the tube itself. The tape no longer provided any support to retaining the cap. Again, only a handful of shipping peanuts was inside the tube. The barrel was allowed to move freely within the tube. The barrel might have even pushed off the cap at some point during shipment requiring the barrel to be restowed in the shipping tube during transit. The tape also appears to be cut around much of the other end cap from merely handling of the tube while contacting other surfaces during shipment. I would guess the combination of handling causing much of the tape to be cut around the edge of the end caps and lack of sufficient shipping material on the inside causes the loss of barrels on occasions.

    It sure would make you life easier is these barrels were packed better for shipment.

    Again, thank-you !

    Did I do that?

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    Thumbs up

    Cope's is a fine establishment. They have a lifetime customer here. I can't wait to send em some more money
    This post is brought to you by Miller High Life. Stay thirsty my friends.

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