Hunters Lodge any good?
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Thread: Hunters Lodge any good?

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    Default Hunters Lodge any good?


    Is Hunters Lodge a trustworthy place? I read some bad reviews and wanted to hear some feedback I can trust.

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    I recvd a barreled SKS receiver from them that was represented as in good condition. I received a rusted shot out barreled, the gas block was bent. When I called them they said basically tough luck, they told me they were sold "as is". This was not mentioned in the ad or was told to me when I ordered it.
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    I ordered 20, #1, 303 Enfields from them that were advertised to be in "very good condition." What I received was beat up rusty junk with LOTS of parts missing from every rifle. I contacted them re a refund to my CC. I paid the shipping both ways. I got a refund less around $40.00 per rifle "for parts missing from returned rifles."

    If they were on fire I would not piss on them. Assholes.

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