(This is a golden oldie from a while back, but it still holds true)

I'm starting this thread as a review of my new PK-01 sight. First, I will review my first impressions, then, in a few days, I will tell of my impressions of the sight in use.

First impression:

First of all--hats off to Freedom Optics. My sight arrived just as promised. The set is beautiful, with many accessories, including a carrying case with strap, lense cleaning supplies, wrench for the scope rings, etc. My one minor criticism is that there are no English language instructions included. The Russian instructions are unreadable by most people in the West (Lousy Commies!--just kidding--a little Cold War humor, there).

The scope takes several minutes to install on the rail with the supplied rings. My advice: you almost have to loosely install all the screws and then proceed to the tightening process. I deviated somewhat from the illustrations shown in the Russian instructions: they appear to illustrate the upper screw junction of the rear ring obstructing the battery compartment lid. In other words, you cannot unscrew the battery compartment lid without dismounting the scope if you follow the illustration exactly. I canted the scope to the right just a tad so that the battery compartment lid would clear the rear ring joint, allowing battery changes without having to remove the scope from the rings. This cant makes the scope look funky and crooked, and I know it will create some interesting challenges when zeroing, but I prefer not to have to dismount the scope to change batteries.

The red dot is more than bright enough, at least indoors for now, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the rubber lense caps also fit over the sunshade. Often you have to remove the sunshade to use the protective caps on other scopes.

The clamp that mounts to the rifle's side rail is easy to adjust, but takes a while because it is mainly trial and error until you get a good fit. When mounted the scope is exactly where it needs to be to allow a good cheek weld against the stock. The eye relief is about perfect as well. I could not be happier with the overall first impression.

I am definitely impressed and Freedom Optics will now be the first place I go when looking for new "toys."

Range report:

I was right that tilting the sight presented some interesting zeroing problems, but once zeroed the sight was more than adequately centered.

The red dot was just bright enough. Some people who handled the rifle complained that the red dot does not "center" over the iron sights (the front sight is visible through the scope). I consider this a minor criticism: just learn to ignore the front sight and pay attention to whether the red dot centers in the lense itself.

All in all, I was very pleased with the PK-01 sight. Target acquisition was much faster, and group sizes shrank considerably: no mean feat for a sight that I used in a fast-action CQB match!

(NOTE: The last time I went to Freedom Optics' website I didn't see the PK-01 listed, and that's why I didn't post photos, but I suspect there are other vendors who have this red dot sight).