i figured i would let everyone know what happened. I bought an east german mpi-kms-72 kit from cole's but the trunnion and rear sight block that came with my kit were actually from a hungarian AMD.

I emailed Cole's distributing and told them i am very pleased with my kit but then once i started cleaning the parts i was disappointed to discover that the barrel trunnion and rear sight block were actually from a hungarian amd and my kit was missing 3 small parts for the folding stock that are shown in the stock picture. I asked if it would be possible for me to trade those parts for a german parts instead of sending the whole kit back since i was very happy with the kit especially since the bolt and carrier were matching and 86 dated. I also asked if it might be possible for me to receive a replacement dated in the 80's specifically 86 (i wanted to try to ensure i received at least a late pattern rsb). They emailed me back very promptly and said that would be fine and to include a note with the parts and special request with the amd parts.

well, today i received my package in the mail from Cole's dist. and it included not only the correct parts i listed, also not only is the trunnion an 86, but it is just one, one number different than my bolt and carrier! 86 36 2114 bolt and carrier and 86 36 2115 trunnion.

i promptly emailed them to tell them how pleased i am with both the parts and fantastic customer service.

big kudos to cole's distributing, they've joined my short list which includes apex, copes and ak-builder