Replacement for older.177 Chinese QB36 model that is known for removeing fingers while loading.Older QB36 models like mine has no safety.
The price for my new air rifle was $114.97 at my local WalMart along with $8.97 I spent for 500 .22cal lead hollow point pellets for the other barrel.Rated fps is 1000 for the .177 pellets and 760fps on the .22 cal ammo.
My new not a toy air rifle comes with two barrels in .177 cal and .22 cal.It came with the .177 barrel installed,so I mounted the Beeman 4 x 32 scope useing a UTG .22/airgun mount with picatinny/weaver rail and a pair of 1" see thru weaver rings. I need to mount my scopes and red dot sights high so I can shoot right handed useing my left eye. Right eye is made of plastic. I printed some targets and set them up in my back yard about 40ft from my bedroom window where I snipe the groundhog several times a week with my Crosman 1377 air pistol(about 5 pumps) with TruGlo red dot sight.
After mounting the scope,it took about twenty shots before I started seeing 1.5" groups.I stoped there as I cannot control my body wobble.
No,I am not going to shoot Mr Groundhog with this rifle.Much more fun to play with him useing the 1377 pistol with 5 pumps(about 325 fps).
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