here is a running list of dirt bags from
The following People are Banned from Using / Posting on Sturm [ If you see ANY of these AssHats posting an ad here email me ASAP ]
Keep this list of Names on File ones NOT to do business with.

Why Banned ?
I see NO REASON to HELP ANYONE [by allowing them a place to Sell Gun Items ]...that is guilty of the following....
Bad Customer Service ...
Repeated Failure to Follow Sturm's Posting Rules ...
Board and Personal Email Attacks


Dana Reed
Daniel King
Hugh Dobbins aka Paul’s Marine / Columbus OH
Shawn Cheshier aka SJ Lodi Ohio aka S&C Burbank OH
Scott Bell
Anthony - AJ Riederer - Appleton WI
Jeff Brown
Dan Hoodenpyl
Renae Michlig and his imaginary cousin “Nick”
Rob Androyna & Dan Piganell / Exter Arms Exter NE
Ed Guss
James Burgess
Mike Schlueter @ MCFA - Mid Cities Firearms Co / Fort Worth , TX
Jessica May aka Jessica Williams / Galla OH
Marc Christensen / Glenview IL
Eric Siegal - Ruidoso NM
Scott Arnberger
Ike Suzuki
Chris Fiorentino
Nick Santoro aka Ernesto aka Gun Grunt aka BIM in Ohio
Kelly Carn
Dennis Coffren
Keith French
Vito Gurevich
C2 Sports Armory Acworth GA
Stoney Creek Armory
Derek Huffman
Pawel Nowak aka Kaspian1939 - European Scam Artist ....uses “Apollo13" as email address
Mike Kolba
Sonnie Black
Kelly King
Jack Dyer
Paul Hotaling
Elwin Simon
Ryan Schnee
Carl Tabor
Todd Prosan
Adrian Gomez
David Packouz
Efraim Dervoli / AEY
there are more