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    Default reloading components

    just to start this out, long time no very long time....and good to be back. kinda rusty in the forum world but looking to buy fmj and some self defense bullets for reloading however no one has anything in stock. just bought a springfield xd 9 service model and not sure about how it deals with lead rounds but if I cannot find any jacketed rounds I am thinking of buying some 9mm bullet molds to hold me over til things get back on track. if anyone knows anywhere to get these components for a reasonable price please let me know. I live in FL so would be looking for online purchase probably. if anyone has any they would like to part with let me know.. also looking for primers for large rifle and small pistol... let me know at or in a IM thank you so much in advance and it's great to be back
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    TulAmmo Small Rifle 223 Remington Primers Lead-Free Case of 5000 (5

    Also Natchez, call.. They list stuff as "our of stock." Think so they do not piss off customers..
    Items are coming in from truck too dock, in boxes and shipping.. Not even hitting the shelves.. You have to call and hang in their..
    The panic is showing signs of slowing. At least were seeing "coming soon."
    Even 30 round mags are out there, if you shop.. Some gouging, but not real bad considering the situation..
    Add: They got one review on these, not a good one.. But other are there. Call, shop, be persistent..
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    sign up for the notification. what you are looking for is almost impossible to get right now. or at extremely high prices
    also stay on top of gunbot
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