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    Thumbs up Ammo to Go +++ showed good prices on ATG, and they had the product shipped quickly, and it arrived in good shape.

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    Yup, have bought from them before. Nothing too special about their prices, but they deliver on what they sell.

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    I too have had good luck with them in the past,, as well as The Armory, and Target Sports. These guys have been my go-to's for ammo for some time now and all of them have been good, no issues at all.

    Other than the limited amounts of available calibers and options, but everyone is in that mode right now. I've gotten re-manufactured ammo from Independence Ammo lately also. Good quality/ functioning ammo at reasonable prices there too.

    It seems the only people that have some of the more desirable ammo in stock are the ones that Poon ya on shipping. Aim and J&G are like that,,,,very expensive shipping rates. So I stopped buying from them, I don't know where they got there rate chart from but it's 2-3 times more than anyone else's rates??? Why? I was going to get 10 Mosin ammo pouches, @.50 ea and a AR style sling and it was 21 bucks for shipping????? WHAT???? Those combined couldn't have weighed more than 1 1/2-2 lbs,, that's sure not 21 bucks to ship by anyone's rates,, not even by overnight rates. fug them,,,,

    No biggie,,, I just don't buy from them, there just shooting themselves in the foot with there exorbitant shipping rates, sense when did it cost almost 35 bucks to ship 500 rounds of 223? You got to be shitting me!

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