I thought that would pass a few companies along that I have recently ordered from and had great success.


I found this website after looking all over the web for the small reamers needed for a "new" Krink kit. I can't remember the posting title, but someone kindly posted the needed reamers for the kit I had.

After looking over at discount's website, I saw that they had about every possible bit of anything anyone on this group would ever need, literally. One thing to note is that some of the really small bits they carry have a minimum of 6 or 12 per purchase. I actually called them, and spoke to a real nice guy on the phone and he told me that he did have the same size and type from a different manufacturer that he could sell me by the peice. Turns out that they were cheaper than the ones on the site. BTW, this webstie is fairly large, and everything is cataloged on the site.

To make the long story short, these guys look like they like to have satisfied customers right off the bat. Also, this was after I told him that I was not intersted in buying right now (sent in a money order later though).

Anyhow, check it out for reamers for the small pin holes on kits, they have them, and they are very reasonable, and IN METRIC!