TAURUS PT1911 Dymondwood

looking around for some better grips than the plastic crap the taurus pt-1911FS ships with i learned about RAASCOGRIPS from taurus armed.

generally exotica wood grips cost serious $$ so i checked out their sale page and they had a few taurus pt-1911 grips there so i bought a set of the least expensive ones they had @ 5pm last friday. like $24 + $4 shipping --

when the mail ran today the grips were here-- how is that for fast shipping?! and on a weekend sale too----

the grips look better than their photo, they are a little wider than standard cut 1911 grips and their grip screw holes are a little bigger for the taurus over sized screws.

i installed them on my longslide frame just for giggles till the taurus 1911 comes in.

very nice and the taurus grips will fit a standard 1911 frame and the smaller standard screws also fit with no issue in the slightly larger taurus holes.
the checkering is very nice with lots of grip.

now on the blems and returns in the sale page there in stock so they ship quick --

other grips are made to order so they might take a little longer to ship.

i don't think you can do much better than rrasco grips for the money.

now if they just has some witness grips in cocobolo--LOL