I just got in a couple of PSO 4x24T scopes from the classifieds. Really nice. Ive never used a PSO before because I had always heard they werent compatible with the AK scope rail and the eye relief was all wrong. What a bunch of crap. The PSO scope mount is better than the POSP and since they mount from the front I can use them with receiver mounted slings like tha yugo rifle use. All my rails are closed front Russian rails and the built in pin stops the mount just right on the receiver. The eye relief is just right for the long yugo stock and since the scope mounts lower on the rifle I cab actually get a decent cheek weld with it.

If you are looking for a good scope that PSO is a really good deal. Even a new one wont set you back much more than $120 and the optics are top notch. The ones I have are 1.5 volt AA battery versions and are a LOT brighter than the 3V 357 watch battery POSP versions for reticle illumination. The POSP scope has to be just about dusk to see the reticle illumination. The PSO's I can practically look at a light bulb and the reticles still glow red.