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Thread: Bulgarian AK 74 Build Update and Pics

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    Thanks Sprat I do understand your concern. I have the center support in at this time it is not compressed. With the spacer tube in, the bolt carrier fit was very snug. Not to the point that I had to yank on it for forwards & back motion but no doubt when the bolt comes in contact with the ejector tang it really snugged up. I could see a slight deflection along the receiver housing where the rail on the discharge side [from welding] making the receiver more narrow at the top. I placed a small thin washer between the spacer tube and the [discharge side rail] to widen the receiver just a bit. IT looks nice and square. I still have more than enough rivet stud to squeeze [compress]. Needless to say I had to spread the receiver a tad to accomplish that. So the fit is tight without smashing the rivet yet. The upper bolt has side to side play less than a Millimeter with my mic. The bolt carrier slides smooth. No significant play when the bolt is positioned right at the ejector tang. Holding the gun up with out the spring system in the bolt will slide on its own. I have head spaced with head space gauges and the fit is right on. I do have a bullet hammer to remove the powder charge and create a dummy round I have not gotten there yet. Sorry about the book but Im trying to explain the best that I can and make sense. With the Go Gauge in it reduces the side to side considerably and with a casual backwards movement the go gauge spits right out. I now see the difference with a cartridge installed [go gauge] Brad
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    sounds like you have it all together right but I would fully seat or compress the rivets
    as long as the ejector is fitting right and tight without a hangup it ,sounds like the bolt is moving right
    again make a few dummy rounds, fully assemble the bolt carrier and spring with the mag in place pull the bolt all the way to the rear and release the round should feed with no problems and eject with no problem when you pull the bolt handle back, do this a few times
    test fire after you are assembled, before you paint/duracoat/ bakeon

    sounds like she is going to work for a long time

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