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    Default AK Mag Catch

    Anybody out there have a buggered up trigger guard with functioning mag catch?

    I am looking to modify a small ring Mauser bolt gun to accept single stack (or maybe double stack) AK mags. Will be using an already abused 1891 Argie bubba special if it works out, mainly because it can fire 7.62x39 with a chamber adapter/insert. Otherwise I will use an 1893 or 1895 action and re-barrel it.

    The idea is to have a backup bolt gun that fires 7.62x39. Small ring Mausers are pretty light, and lghter with a 16" barrel.

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    Ive made my own triggerguards. just fold some sheetmetal around a 1/2" plate, the catch i fold around a 3/8" plate then use a spring from a "chip clip" or a womans hair clip. that way you would have more metal to play with

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