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Thread: anyone attempt to reweld a stamped rec?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahatlakhoom View Post
    I'd go for it.
    Just realize the 1050 steel polish blank is very soft material.
    It does not lend itself to spot heat treating of axis pin holes.

    I'd honestly get some smashed up receivers from Apex and cut out the sections
    you need for welding and flatten them out and weld it back up.

    Hell, I got one of the entire smashed deals straightened back out and ran it thru a
    jig and got it almost back to original cond.

    The key with these are that they are already hardened.
    You can spot treat the ejector. All NFA rules apply.

    I have heard this controversy both ways and I feel that if the spot heat treating is done right it should be fine. There is a pile of these on the market and from what I can see online they are working fine. If some have failed then where lies the blame the blank or the builder? Could be the blank is getting the blame for poor building skills. I guess I will see when I and my friend get ours built.

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    After my move and next paycheck I'm probably going to attempt making a couple recievers from the crushed ones for my psl kit and m76 clone I'm working on. I'm going to see how well a stick welder made from a couple car batteries works, because oxy welding might be a bit extreme for the sheet.
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