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Thread: Romanian '3' Front Trunion

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    Less than half of the surface area of the barrel journal may be in contact with the trunnion ID, not a 100% interference fit.
    Well said

    that is why I suggest a tighter interference fit for a knurled part. those bumps you make are going to compress a lot easier than a solid uninterrupted area an will also weae a lot faster if there is any movement , flex etc in the joint.

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    Default Yes... Not to get off topic..

    Quote Originally Posted by j427x View Post
    that is the way it was-- if you ran too much scrap you ended with a real job on a work farm on some gulag--

    if you made 500 working ak a day you got a bowl of turnip soup!

    socialism --you got to love it!
    More so Tommo understands with the fit problems he may be having..
    If the kit was pre de-milled, someone may have grabbed a #2 barrel and a #3 trunion?
    I tend to stay away when the pros start on the building stuff... But over the years. Getting the barrel pin out of the Romy has showed up quite a bit..
    Oh I got them all out, but some sounded like a .12 gauge in my 12 ton press when they popped..
    O. Tay guys take over, help Tommo here, good info guys thank yall..
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    The trunion was bought as a spare part as was the barrel not as part of a kit. Thanks very much again for all the help, looks like a knurling tool is in my future!

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