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    new registered user and I'm looking for some info and or help. I have several M70AB2 barrels I need the ejector pocket cut into the barrel face. I'm wondering if any of you may have done this and if so, how did you do it? Mill, file, dremel or what? Anyone send them off to have it done and if so to whom?

    Any information you might have will be appreciated.



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    Hello & Welcome

    The best way would be with a mill, I remember someone did one with a dremel & file already but I think that would be up to you to decide if your skill level will allow this.
    You might want to ask at local machine shops too, some will do it as long as you give them all the info needed.

    I know I seen the info on here before, see if you can find it, I'll check back and see if I can help later.

    Off the top of my head for someone to do it, look for restoreit in the classifieds, he offers services.
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    The info you seek is in the library.

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    I do mine with a mill .

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