Searching for "poor mans jig" to purchase.
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Thread: Searching for "poor mans jig" to purchase.

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    Question Searching for "poor mans jig" to purchase.

    nut shell; No cash for a nice press and jig. I do have different hammers along with a vise mounted on a work bench. Yes, I'm going to spot weld the rails onto the flat before I bend. Yes, the flat will have all holes drilled before bending. Yes, the flat had it's top rails stepped and trimmed.

    * My tooling is limited.

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    Default'll be wanting to read this old thread by Grasshopper. It shows you how to build a 'poor mans' bending jig using some angle iron bolt and other bits , and you can get all the parts at Lowes !!
    Very poor man's bend jig - lol
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    When I built one of those, I used a belt sander and polished the insides of the angle iron, made it much smoother; fewer scratches and easier bends on my flat.
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    Im no expert but I think you want to hold off on welding the lower rails until youve got the flat bent and you can line them up with the front trunnion.
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