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Thread: AK.45 Receiver assembly, barrel installation, and barrel blocks (PICS ADDED!!)

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    Default AK.45 Receiver assembly, barrel installation, and barrel blocks (PICS ADDED!!)

    Yes, I got a TON of work done on the conversion this weekend.

    I'll edit this post with details and pictures, as soon as I get done eating my pizza.

    EDIT: Okay, got the pics off my camera and uploaded to PicYard...

    This is how I modified the trunnion before installation. Once installed, the trunnion was milled to clear the magazine. I needed to be sure that the trunnion still had a heavy web that crossed under the barrel. If not, the trunnion could crack. It still might, but I won't know until I fire it. The groove is for the cleaning rod.

    Once I had the trunnion installed, it was time to press the barrel. I was really sweating this one, but I borrowed a really slick jig that made the installation a breeze. I must have done something right because the barrel pressed in fairly easily. I had already cut the grooves for the handguard retainer, so I had to make sure the barrel was lined up correctly. When I do another conversion, I'll mill the grooves after the barrel is installed.

    I pressed the barrel in until it was almost in place. Then I had to check the position using the carrier and several different brands of ammo. I placed a piece of shim stock on the case head and measured the gap between the carrier and trunnion stop. I adjusted the barrel until I got the headspace I was looking for. Right now there is about 0.008 to 0.010 gap between the round and the carrier. This should be just about right for blowback.

    After the barrel was in place, I needed to mill out the receiver and trunnion for magazine clearance. I just kept plowing through the trunnion with a carbide endmill until I had whittled away both locking lugs and the ledge where the bullet guide goes.

    There is no room for the lower rivets to be installed. I had my welder TIG the back of the trunnion to the receiver to secure it in place.

    The orange stuff is the preservative grease spray that I soaked everything in. I will sandblast the whole thing again to get rid of the excess solder on the barrel blocks and to even out the finish for painting.

    Here's another shot showing the clearance cuts that were done on the trunnion.

    And here's the barreled receiver with the barrel blocks installed. I soldered the blocks because the barrel is too thin to risk pinning. It looks bent, but that's just my stupid camera doing the fisheye trick... It's a little discolored from the welding and soldering, but will clean up really well in the blast cabinet.

    Now, I need to install the stock tang, fabricate a new weight rod, cut the locking notch for the handguard retainer, shorten the top cover, and fabricate a mag catch. The rest are small details that won't take much time, so the project is rapidly approaching completion. I should easily have this finished before the shoot in WV.

    BTW Preacher, PLEASE edit your post. It sounds really bad...

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    Well hurry up and swallow that pizza!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino_66
    BTW Preacher, PLEASE edit your post. It sounds really bad...
    ETA:There' how's that. I added pizza. That did sound kinda bad after I went back and read it.
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    How big is that frickin' pizza?!

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    Thumbs up

    She's looking good Rhino, hope you have her done in time for the shoot!!! I remember seeing it at the early stages at the Spring shoot!

    Did you see my reply to your post "garand"? If ya didn't "don't buy and Garand clips" I've got a bunch to give ya at the shoot. 25+++ at least. So don't go wasting any money buying any!!!

    I'll be working on converting some M1 Carbine mags to .45 win mag , for my Carbine Good old Cehpus is gonna help me with em. I lucked out and found a Lemag conversion rifle in a pawn shop for $200.

    See ya at the shoot!!!

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    Now I'm itching to see the completed pics. I bet that will be a hoot to shoot.
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