Madsen 8mm mags convert to .308?
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Thread: Madsen 8mm mags convert to .308?

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    Default Madsen 8mm mags convert to .308?

    Dunno if this would help anyone, but *perhaps*... *maybe*... these mags could be adapted for use in a .308 Saiga????

    8mm bullets are longer than .308, so it seems these could work with some tweaking. Or perhaps as a .410 mag? Dunno... but for $10 each it seems like something to look into...

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    I don?t think so, they?re rectangular in shape and the Saiga magazine is tapered at the front. If you are willing to modify your rifle (Not me) you can give it a try, but it may be too long to work at all, 8mm is about .375+/- longer than the .308.
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