Is there a Mil spec for AK mags?
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Thread: Is there a Mil spec for AK mags?

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    Default Is there a Mil spec for AK mags?

    Fitting my 20 round tanker mag (brand new )for side clearance and got it to fit real nice and tite ,then tried a chinnese 10 rounder no fit to wide at the this going to be a problem with any other size or brand of mag. both mags are new and the kit is a Romanian g .I guess after time wear and tear will smooth things out (forgot this is not an AR )

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    when I built my first kit I only had access to one "loaner" mag from a buddy of mine, a chinese 30rd, then after completing the kit my mags on order showed up Some Yugo's, then some probably Romanian mags. It seems the Chinese mags are slightly less deep (the lip at front trunnion to mag latch) than their European cousins. They fit just a little more snug and have gotten to be more at home the more I insert and remove them. So now for my next builds I have several to test fit, I have 3 diferent style mags for my Tantal build.....lesson learned.

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    Yes there is a standard, however, with so many countries producing there own variations ?mil spec? will vary. It seems like European & Russian mags are pretty similar in dimensions. I don?t have any experience with Chinese or Middle East mags so I couldn?t tell you what differences there are if any.

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    I had exactly the same experience with the ChiCom 10rounder. Most of my builds are Cold Steel and the mag fit has worked out really snug. A couple of other 10 rounders worked OK, but not the ChiCom. I filed on the ChiCom and got it to function on my first build which was not a Cold Steel, so I guess that one is the only odd duck magazine at this point. I'll be paying more attention on the mags I buy in the future. All the 20/30 rounders work just fine in any of the builds I've done thus far.

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    All imported metal 30rd mags are "MIL-SPEC" for the country they were made.
    The chinese did make some 10rd mags for the importation of the MAK series but those where also made on miltary spec equiptment.
    The only ones that aren't "MIL-SPEC" are the US made ones

    This problem you have is even worst with 5.45 mags.
    Different countries use different specs.
    If you build a 5.45 gun to use metal tantal mags, then the bake-lite (russian) will have some play. You just got to play with it some... AK's are VERY forgiving when it comes to specs.
    Hell I remember a AK74 that you could wobble that mag all over the place and it still functioned fine...... the wobble was removed cause I like perfection.....

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