I need some hep. Gattling AKs
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Thread: I need some hep. Gattling AKs

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    Default I need some hep. Gattling AKs

    Ive sen the twin gatlin type AKs at www.gattingguns.com. (You gotta watch the video!) Their kits appearently are on back order indefininatly. Do any of you folks have plans or Ideas to help me? I have the two AKs, I just need some help getting it built. I was hurt a couple years back and I'm limited as to what I can do personally, but the Good Lord sent me a Great Helper in my son. He is really digging this idea too. (See the video, and you will get the "diggin" pun")

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    Linky no worky. I've seen these discussed for several years & it's been quite awhile since I watched the video. If I recall, the major flaw in their kit is the wimpy tripod. when you try to shoot it, the whole thing is jumping around all over the place. I believe their stuff has been on backorder for at least three years.
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    This is one that was posted on Gunsnet a long time ago...

    This was apparently a custom one-off build, but I can never remember who the builder was. Not a quickie DIY build, but do-able if you have a mill. And a lathe. And a fully stocked workshop...
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