Why the standard bent blank build order
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Thread: Why the standard bent blank build order

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    Default Why the standard bent blank build order

    All, I am about 75% of the way through my 1st bent blank build AK for a Hungarian FEG AK kit.

    Dumb question... why is the standard build order:
    1. Trigger guard, trigger, safety, and Magwell
    2. Front trunion
    3. Rear trunion
    4. Fit in bolt carrier and bolt
    5. Weld in rails

    On my build from a Bent Metal Blank -- which is (According to my measurements) about as dimensionally good as you can get........

    1. The rear end of the blank was correct (width and height) for the stock and rear trunion.... so I fitted in the rear trunion 1st.
    2. With that in, I fitted in the Front truinion using the receiver cover length to get it set right, then cut the blank to the right length.
    3. Once the trunions are in, you can fit in the bolt carrier and bolt.
    4. You need the Front trunion position correct to set the mag-well opening as the front trunion has the mag front catch.
    5. Once the mag well is correctly fitted in, the trigger guard/mag latch is a no-brainer to set correctly for a good mag fit up.
    6. Once the front trunion and trigger guard/mag latch is in correctly and mocked up with bolts, setting up the ejector and inner rail mag guides is also no problem
    7. Next is on to fitting in the trigger group and selector/safety.

    I guess on a build using a flat, the order makes perfect sense -- the magwell is already cut for you, and is set in stone.... but on a bent blank build, seems to be making for more trouble.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    TJ --

    The build order specified is usually to account for minute errors in layout and hole drilling. The reasoning goes like this:

    The trigger guard holes are usually set, and the trigger guard contains the mag catch assembly. Once that's in place, you can slide the front trunion in and adjust it's position up against a magazine until the mags catch and move freely with the mag catch, which is now fixed in place. Then once the front trunion is set in place relative to the trigger guard / mag catch assembly, then you use the dust cover to set the distance length for the rear trunion, which has the most available movement/"slop" in it's final position from the front trunion. So it's kinda working your way along to make sure one piece lines up off another.

    If you were to set the front trunion and rivet it in place first, it may be too far from the mag catch/trigger guard/magwell for everything to line up and function properly.

    Make sense? Anyway, that's the reasoning behind the build order logic.
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