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    Default Home Made Recoil Buffers.

    Being the cheep skate that I am, I always like the idea of recoil buffers in AK's I just didn't want to shell out $19 for one.

    So I thought I'd share some I made out of leather scraps.

    First I cut the leather into sections of about 1.25" x 2.25".

    These need to be laminated togeather. The quantity depends on the thickness of your leather and the finished thickness you want. This leather was about 1mm thick and I used 6 layers.

    I used Barge cement to do the lamination. Barge is common in shoe making and repair and once the leather is togeather it mont ever come apart again.

    After the cement air drys and you stick your pieces togeather it's a good idea to hammer them togeather a little as the barge also it activated by pressure.

    Next I used some hole punches to make the hole for the recoil rod and the spur on the bolt carrier.

    Then finaly I cut them to rough shape with a razor blade and final shape with the belt sander. Depending on you rear trunion type you will have to trim for the proper length.

    These thing work great and I have one with about 800 rnds on it and other than marks from the action it looks as good as the day I put it in.

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    I like it, gotta give that a try....so its about 6mm thick overall?
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