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    Default Permanent MB attachment

    Can someone please give me the details on how to permanently attach an extended muzzle brake on an AMD65, doing it the Blind Pin method that is BATF approved?

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    BTT. Its been a while since I have seen this information, but I do remember that it is very specific. Someone has to remember where to find it.
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    There is no "ATF Approved" AMD-65 method. We are using the historically approved methods for other firearms, for which there are three distinct methods:

    1. Blind Pin (specifics below)

    2. 4 equidistant spot welds around circumference (for example, at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions)

    3. Weld or silver solder around at least half the circumference of the barrel.

    All of these have been approved for permanently securing a muzzle extension to other types of rifles. That said, the blind pin method has certain caveats. I *finally* found the info on falfiles (after I lost it in my favorites) and posted the link and content on my site for posterity. I don't know if the scan is available...

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    In a way, this may be a repeat....

    The only right answer is "ask the ATF". There is no LAW describing how to do this - it's all ATF opinion. As opinion can change overnight, it's best to ask... over and over again. Then keep the letter of response.

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