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    Default Yugo M95 range report

    I took the M95 to the range today for its maiden voyage. I have to say this is the ultimate AK. I loaded the first mag to give it a function check and fired the first round, it didn't cycle the bolt. So I loaded up another round and watched the action for another round. the carrier didn't move, then I realized the gas ststenm was turned off. after turning it on It ran 30 rounds rapid fire as smooth as a whistle.
    The gun has almost no recoil, the action is smooth as glass and it is easy to keep on target to pump in the lead.
    I sighted it in at 50 yards, all I had were some 50 foot pistol targets and the bulls eye was a little small, that and the sun reflecting off the rear sight leaf gave my tired eyes a workout getting it on target. I used Wolf 60 grain fmj ammo. The target is off a sand bag of 20 rounds rapid fire. the results were very good. This is a great plinker. I could keep a 1 gal plastic jug bouncing at 100 yards. the lack of recoil makes recovery fast and you can lay out some serious lead with this thing. This will be a much used gun, unlike my other ak rifles.
    NDS did a most excellent job with the receivers, Thanks NDS!!!
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    That's too funny about the gas being turned off. Sounds exactly like something I would have done. I'll know right off what to do when mine doesn't cycle the bolt

    Did I do that?

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    More I see the 95s the more I want one or two or three. Looks great!!!

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    i want!

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    that is a very nice looking build, glad to hear it is going well.
    OK OK I have to ask,, what is next to it??? looks like a spade grip to me.. 1919 maby?? I see what looks to be some kind of leg comming out from under it???

    I know a LOT of guys are building the M95 now I hope that are all getting the positive results you are.

    great job!!

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    Pirate is on his way to Knob Creek, but his latest toy is a 1919 with spade grips from TNW...he's also perfecting a bench top mount for the 1919....the man is amazing!


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