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Thread: 1st build Romy G & NDS-3, with targets

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    Pretty sure it was my comment. It was late and i had some beers in me. I didn't mean to offend but i'm just sick of seeing AR vs. AK stuff where the AR has all the advantages and then a "conclusion" is reached showing the AR's "superiority".

    Sorry if i came off the wrong way. It is a great looking rifle though.

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    Hey Crager I think your taking me wrong. I really never meant any offence. your post was asking what we thought and I was honest in my reply. I never ment any type of slam. I only stated what I thought would allow you to get the most out of the very nice gun you built.

    You built a beautiful gun and I told you it looked better than any of mine.
    Im mearly trying to point out were many guys go wrong with the accuracy potential of a AK.

    Id be willing to bet that your build will shoot a under 4" group with optics and good ammo alone. and id honestly expect better than that with good ammo. I doubt there a damm thing wrong with either of your guns. MY main point was inharted accuracy of the two is much closer than most relize. I feel that with the AK sights and trigger you will never know.

    I urge you to repost your pics and posts. I spend hours trying to get these guns to shoot better and was only trying to get you relize what many have found out that the AK is very underrated in the accuracy department.

    I truly apoligse if I offended you. Id love to see you shoot a 5 shot group slowe with good ammo and better sights /optics on the very nicly built gun. I think you would be amaized at the differance. MY hunting pisol goes from 5" to 1" with a ammo change from wolf to hand loads.

    Im bummed that you deleated your posts

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