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    One, the receiver cover came loose from the front. Don't know the fix for that, it only happened during the rapid fire test.
    It could be an assemble issue, the stock tang being back a little to far? One thing to try that's easy, look at the rear of the cover where it sets in the groove of the stock tang, use an adjustable wrench and tweek that flat area that locks in the groove a little to make the cover fit tighter. This can also be done to loosen tight a covers too.
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    Agree with coils on the fix for the loose cover. Same way I do it.
    Cresent wrench, and tweak it just a little at the flat section at the base.
    When you say the trigger pin came out of the side hole I gather you're talking about the right side.
    I normally hit the 'X', and 'Y' shaped pin hole stiffener bends in the center of the grooves with a screwdriver to push them in just a tad.
    Here you can see the crease created by the screwdriver/ hammer method.

    Works great, and less impact on the paint/ finish than the socket method.
    Congrats on a successful build

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    Thanks guys for the tips. I will look into the receiver fix today. Sure wishing I would of figured out your method nicoroshi on the axis pin fix. And you were correct the pin came out of the whole on the right side. Of course I have it fixed now, but did mar the paint a little. I will fix that, not really a big issue just an aggrevating one.

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